Educational Equity Ecosystem

How can we leverage collaborations with community partners to support the district’s focused outcomes and foster a shared, citywide accountability for the wellbeing and success of Nashville’s youth?

Measuring Equity
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About the Research

MNPS and Vanderbilt will collaborate with community partners to develop equity strategies that support the district’s focused outcomes and foster a shared, citywide accountability for the well-being and success of Nashville’s youth.

The Working Group will seek to develop the research architecture for understanding the roles that various city agencies and community organizations in Nashville (in addition to the the school system) play in supporting the city’s youth. Ultimately, the group aims build a “youth master plan”, or an evidence-based map for how these groups can work together to foster successful youth outcomes and confront inequities.

Working Group Members

Metro Nashville Public Schools

Sean Braisted
Chief of Communications & Technology

Allison D’Aurora
Director of Policy Planning & Project Management

Ashford Hughes
Executive officer, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Elisa Norris
Executive Officer, Strategy & Performance Management

Renita Perry
Chief of Innovation

Vanderbilt University

Maury Nation
Professor, Human & Organizational Development

Sarah Suiter
Associate Professor of the Practice

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